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Howdy, nice to meet you here! Please check my channel information for detail, thanks! If you have any question, please feel free to leave me a message here.

YuchGame working screen for Unity Game

|game | 9 yrs experience

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Total time: 187:05 hrs
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  • Sept. 30, 2015
  • Java
  • JavaScript Java C#-.NET
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  • Debug.Log("");
  • Unity3D MonoDevelop VisualStudio IntelliJ
  • Beijing
  • China
  • JavaScript Java C#

Livestream time

Working day, 9:50 - 16:20(UTC+8). Check time in your city.

Real daily work screen(reality show?).

Who am I?

My name is Jerry Tian coming from Beijing of China, I had worked for 8+ years for game development, about some years ago, I resigned my job and started studio named YuchGame and became a indie game developer.

I developed a game named Ancient Continent Hero-TD in these years, it's a MMO game. Now, I'm developing new game Ancient Puzzle, it's a match-3 game.

What will you see in my channel Livestreams?

You will watch my work space, one of my 2 screens, the other is my private things(chat with my friend or buy something in TaoBao/Ebay).

I use C#(Unity3d+VS2015) for game client, use Java(IntelliJ) for game server, use JavaScript(WebStorm) for game help forum website. That's to say, you will learn a full-stack game coder how to make/improve/maintain a commercial game.

It will include many tools, IDE and language, such Unity3D, MonoDevelop, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, WebStorm, Linux/Windows shell, MongoDB, Protobuf, Notepad++, Firefox, Bugfree, MediaWiki, Google Doc and so on. Because I have developed this game for some years, a lot of code will be written or modified you couldn't know what and how I am doing in a short time.

Of course, it's a daily working screen, so it's not full of coding, if you cannot found the screen is frozen, maybe, I was shopping in other screen :P

What can you learn from my livestream?

As I said, it's a real coder daily working screen, isn't a teaching video or languages/tools tutorials as you saw from other livestreams or learning video program.

But, you will see a coder how to resolve a real problem or add a new feature into a commercial game, how to build a huge project from first code line. If you don't know what I am doing, be patient. I remember, when I got my first job, I spent 2 weeks time to research a whole project before I start writing code.

Another way to know what I am doing is watch my history video, you will see a game in its very initial status.

If you found I wasn't writing code, just look at screen, I was thinking how to organize code to realize system, let me think for a moment, it's not teaching video, I am resolving real problem. If you have any question, please leave message in Q&A chat channel.

Why do I open source my screen?

Because of self-motivation and game promotion.

I started working in 2013 for my own indie game, in some time, I work alone, in a long developing period, I need a self-motivation. And I am just a coder, only thing I am good at is writing coder, for game marketing, I share my work screen to the world. Perhaps you don't know, promotion for your game is the harder thing than developing a complex game.

If my work screen help you learn something, I will happy to do it, you needn't say 'Thanks', because you help me too.

About language problem

You know, my mother language is Chinese so that you may found a lot of text of my channel video is Chinese, I will try my best to write English text in code and a lot of IDE is English environment, so you won't worry about it.

If you want to talk with me, please in English.

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