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Began programming in 1994 with QBasic which I taught myself on my off hours after work. I used my new skill to build the first modules for what would eventual become The Mythos Machine, which started out as a series of QBasic modules. I then went on to teach myself visual basic in the same manner. Once I gained some competence I applied for a job as an administrative assistant at IBM and took on as many programming assignments as I could. During this period I worked on the Mythos Machine in my off hours and created a Visual Basic 6 version of the application. It's comprehensive but too buggy to put out into the public domain. My next step was to get a job as a programmer/analyst at Perrier. I was assigned the task of being "point man" on new technologies in 1997 and started with ASP version 1. I worked there until 2014 at which point I decided to take a stab at making the Mythos Machine the core of a new business. I'm working on that now.


  • ASP.Net
  • SQL Server
  • VB.Net

Employment History

  • Captain | Elthos

    January 2014 - Present

    I'm the Captain of the ship here at Elthos. Love my job. I do everything from business development to programming. One man dynamo.

  • Programmer / Analyst | NWNA / Perrier

    March 1997 - January 2014

    I was point man for new technologies R&D and implementations focusing on ASP / ASP.Net with SQL Server. I gained a great deal of experience in developing line of business web applications. Great while it lasted. Time to move on to my own thing.


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