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    #JavaScript Audio Workstation

    ![Info]( "Info") > > Building a Windows 10 app with Apache Cordova in Visual Studio 2015. The app will run on desktop and mobile. > >The app is using the Web Audio API to create the sounds. *** ![Support]( "Support") > >Streaming videos and writing tutorials takes a lot of time. If you find any value in this, please consider [becoming a patron]( "") or use the donate button at the top of this page. > > ![Patreon]( "Patreon") *** ![Progress]( "Progress") During my streams I work on 2 different apps with JavaScript. One is Cordova Drum machine (CDM-909). ![drum machine]( "Drum Machine") You can try the preview over at []( "") The other is an experiments music/breakbeat tool (UltraviolentJunglist). It allows you to create music that has a lot of (seemingly) random elements in it. The tool is and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app and is built entirely in JavaScript. It only runs on Windows 10. ![drum machine]( "Drum Machine")

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    Node.js: Getting Started

    LiveStream for a live audience at a conference... I'm going to show you how to build a node.js app using express.js. I'm using Pug for templating and Sass for the css.

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    Building a webapp for playing podcasts in Node.js as leaning exercise for myself and in preparation for an upcoming talk on node.js.

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