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royendgel 102

Freelancer / Developer

Curaçao, Willemstad

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I am a Python and django developer.

- good communication
- I'm good in backend and frontend. ( I really prefer backend)
- beautiful code that can be read and understand be others.
- follow best practise in system design, management and
- I translate your needs and make it happen.

I can use Python in almost any task and context, I really love using it and go beyond the limits.

I know other languages if you need something occasionally, Just contact me if you need a real web developer without barriers ;)
Some languages that I command :
- Python
- Javascript
- Rust
- PHP ( I'm a former php developer)

I have more than ten years of web-programming experience with Django framework (on both large and small projects, plus some experience with Flask and other frameworks).
More than ten years of professional Python coding.

Collaboration services and task trackers I worked with are too numerous to mention. Additionally, I have some experience with other technologies and experience of I know the best practices for system design, performance and search engine optimization, web application deployment, setting up hosting servers, continuous integration, monitoring.
And of course I'm learning new things everyday, and I'm open to learn what you need!

Technologies I can use for front-ends (when I have to do them):
- HTML5,
- CSS3,
- Javascript,
- jQuery,
- Twitter Bootstrap.
- Angularjs
- webpack

For back-ends I can build both usual MVC-style applications and REST APIs.
I have experience with a lot of Django reusable apps and know what to use for which task.
Just to name a few I'm familiar with:
- Django REST Framework
- Haystack
- Celery
- Storages

In terms of deployment and systems administration, I know a thing or two about
- Ansible
- Docker
- Nginx,
- Supervisor,
- Systemd,
- Fabric.
- Gulp

On top of it, I know a lot about various useful SaaSes, like:
- AWS (EC2, RDS, S3/CloudFront)
- DigitalOcean,
- Stripe
- Heroku
- Openshift
- Google app engine

I tried to keep those lists short and clear, so if you need some particular technology I haven't listed feel free ask me about it, chances are that I worked with it or at least know something about it.


Employment History


Languages (spoken)

  • Spanish; Castilian

    (Native or bilingual proficiency)

  • English

    (Professional working proficiency)

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