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LiveEdu Pro is cheap for less than $0.32 cents per day. It starts at only $9.99/month. If you buy 6 month subscription, you even get 5% discount and 10% discount if you buy a 12 month subscription. The money helps us continue operating the platform and pay steamers to stream educational content.

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You get to watch and access premium live and on-demand project tutorials to improve your job skills.

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    Premium live and on-demand projects

    Watch and access premium live and on-demand projects

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    Download from more than 270,000 project videos to practice on your own

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Work with a group in team channel private or public. Share stream keys. Unlike normal broadcasters your videos are stored longer and you can set a video private.

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Questions you may still have

These are projects where the person streaming is in teaching mode and explains everything he is doing. The viewers can learn from watching the stream.Such content is interactive, engaging and educational. You can also download the project files to practice on your own
Yes, you can see all upcoming premium streams here
You can also watch all premium projects here
You don't have to do anything. Your subscription will be extended and you can continue to enjoy the benefits of a pro account. If ever you want to cancel your subscription, click on downgrade on the pricing page.

Read our knowlege base in case you have more questions.

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