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Hi, I'm Meathill. Glad to see you. Ask any question as you want. Chat is welcome.

Create Meart, a electron app

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  • Sept. 8, 2015
  • JavaScript
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  • Guangzhou
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Meart is a static site builder, like wrapping Hexo or Jekyll into an electron app. But it focuses on helping designer or photographer who has little knowledge on coding, neither on setting up the environment. So it's designed to create portfolio style site.


  1. [done] not-too-ugly theme
  2. [done] Pushing assets to CDN
  3. Gulping and building app
  4. An introduction site
  5. Real-time editing



尝试用 Electron + Vue2 制作一个建站工具,帮助设计师和摄影师快速搭建自己的网站。

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