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“How can you make money as a content creator on LiveEdu?”

Broadcast premium and interactive projects and make money

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LiveEdu Payout Plans

Stream awesome premium project tutorial and make money perpetually

  1. Normally premium projects takes 1 month to complete if streamed 3 times each week or 10 sessions maximum
  2. For the month in which you stream the project live you get paid based on viewtime and popularity of the project
  3. After your project completion, you will also get paid perpetually for each month in which you do no actual work, but your content gets view time even after 6 months
  4. Streamers make $300-$700 in the first 6 months if their project is popular, educational and streamer also markets the project using this guide

Premium content receives more money. Is your content eligible?

Premium Content Creators

  • Easy to read screen
  • Proper interaction with the audience
  • Using mic and a webcam (optional)
  • Have a detailed outline of project lessons
  • Each session explains the Objectives
  • Offer Value to Viewers
  • Content should be educational and detailed
  • Should Follow Schedule Strictly
  • The quality of the project should be high

Advertising Money

  • Active chats, and good number of viewers
  • Somehow educational content
  • Using mic and cam (optional)
  • Properly filled project descriptions

Silent Streams

  • No educational content
  • No properly filled profiles and descriptions
  • Not Using Mic and Cam
  • No one watching and chatting
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We Connect! Broadcasters and Viewers

Over 1 million people have used LiveEdu since we launched to watching live and on-demand projects on programming, game development, data science, design, augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The community is very passionate about peer-to-peer learning and self-improvement and will chat with you about your project, ask questions and also challenge you. Users on LiveEdu are high school/college students and professionals. They live in major tech hubs like San Francisco, New York, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Sao Paolo, Bejing and Tel Aviv. You will likely meet other technology lovers from your city on LiveEdu because we have people from 194 countries.

Broadcast premium and interactive projects.

We cover 6 big technology topics and over 250 sub-categories. We are the world's leading live learning platform for programming, game development, data science, design, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

  • Programming


  • Game Development

    Game Development

  • Data Science

    Data Science

  • Design


  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality

  • Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

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There are a ton of great benefits of choosing to stream on LiveEdu, but rather than list them all, here are the top 4 benefits of streaming with us…

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    Make money on the side.

    It is nice to make money while you go about your hobby and passion.

    • Susbcription revenue
    • Ad revenue
    • Donations
    • Job offers
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    The Career Boost

    Take your career to the next level!

    Your streams can help you WOW prospective employers and clients with your work before they even hire you!

    • Show off your skills
    • Build a killer portfolio
    • Build your reputation
    • Attract new contracts and job offers
    • Monetize your fans and follower list
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    The Networking

    There's power in numbers!

    Build a strong, successful network of fellow programmers by meeting and hanging out with other streamers.

    • Improve your communication skills
    • Share your coding tips
    • Watch and learn from other pros
    • Collaborate with other coders to build awesome new products!
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    The Education

    Your viewers won't be the only ones learning.

    As a streamer, your skills and talents will keep growing and develop as your audience does!

    • Learn from other coders processes
    • Get feedback on your projects
    • Source beta testers for anything you create


  • evilSoft

    Since I started streaming on I have found that I have started to level up quicker, both in Javascript and communication skills. When you have 30+ people providing feedback on your process, you cannot help but get better.


  • Awakekat

    As an introvert I am kind of shy, but you get me talking about computer stuff (my inner nerd) and I just can't stop taking. My passion of coding is fulfilled by the student and teacher in me. The teacher loves helping other learn and the student is ready for guidance form others in the chat room to help me along. It is a total win win situation


  • Kangmo

    Am Kangmo, a Java broadcaster on LiveEdu from South Korea. I streamed my start-up company from scratch on LiveEdu. is a hybrid blockchain to support seemless integrations of public and private blockchain to meet requirements of financial applications. Colored Coins based on Open Assets Protocol to enable digitization of any asset values and easy transferability. Blockchain from ScaleChain is rewritten from scratch to completely internalize the blockchain technology.


  • YC-Backed Is For Coding Source link

    For professional coders, LiveEdu can be a great place to source beta users or get feedback on a new app. Well-known programmer and physicist Stephen Wolfram, for instance, promoted his new programming language on LiveEdu last week with a demonstration that drew more than 4,000 viewers.

    Christine Magee

  • Watch people code in real time with Source link

    There are plenty of decent options to learn basic code — such as Codeacademy or Coursera — but what about people who want to take it a step further?

    That's where a new service called hopes to come in. It allows developers to live stream their work as they write code. Viewers can then learn from the experience in an interactive way.

    Rex Santus

  • Now you can watch people code -- live -- 24/7 Source link

    The new, free site gives people who are learning to code a way to watch, learn, and talk to more experienced developers.

    For developers, it's a chance to teach, solicit feedback, and market themselves.

    Hope King

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