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  • LiveEdu is my passive income

    As an introvert, I am kind of shy, but you get me talking about my computer stuff (my inner nerd) and I just can’t stop talking. My passion about coding is fulfilled by the student and teacher in me. The teacher loves helping others learn and the student is ready for guidance from others in the chat room to help me along. It is a total win-win situation.

    View Awake Kat's Profile
  • I'm an enthusiastic Software Engineer

    My goals for being on LiveEdu is to build projects that people are most interested in, learning with the community and explaining the process for future viewers, tackling complex and current trends in Software Engineering.

    View Elliot Minns's Profile
  • Java broadcaster on LiveEdu

    Am Kangmo, a Java broadcaster on LiveEdu from South Korea. I streamed my start-up company from scratch on LiveEdu. is a hybrid blockchain to support seemless integrations of public and private blockchain to meet requirements of financial applications. Colored Coins based on Open Assets Protocol to enable digitization of any asset values and easy transferability. Blockchain from ScaleChain is rewritten from scratch to completely internalize the blockchain technology.

    View Kangmo Kim's Profile
  • YC-Backed Is For Coding Source link

    For professional coders, LiveEdu can be a great place to source beta users or get feedback on a new app. Well-known programmer and physicist Stephen Wolfram, for instance, promoted his new programming language on LiveEdu last week with a demonstration that drew more than 4,000 viewers.

    Christine Magee

  • Watch people code in real time with Source link

    There are plenty of decent options to learn basic code — such as Codeacademy or Coursera — but what about people who want to take it a step further?

    That's where a new service called hopes to come in. It allows developers to live stream their work as they write code. Viewers can then learn from the experience in an interactive way.

    Rex Santus

  • Now you can watch people code -- live -- 24/7 Source link

    The new, free site gives people who are learning to code a way to watch, learn, and talk to more experienced developers.

    For developers, it's a chance to teach, solicit feedback, and market themselves.

    Hope King

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