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Python is a powerful, general-purpose, object-oriented and dynamic programming language. If you are ready to move your coding skills to the next level, try our Python tutorials and follow projects developed by our top members. Python programming has never been easier with live streaming, video tutorials and a large base of all other reliable resources. And, don’t forget support from the community (programmers from all over the World). Watch the coding process and workflows of Python engineers from San Francisco, London, New York, Moscow, Beijing and São Paulo! read more ...

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Machine Learning with SKlearn medical data
by Dlotan

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Look over my shoulder
by rueberger

Work on brio, my modular neural net library, and related computational neuroscience research tasks.

I work better if it feels like people are watching me

Machine Learning Competition using Python
by zacstewart

I'm working on a Kaggle machine learning competition to predict the price of hydraulic tubes for heavy machinery.

I'm using Python with scikit-learn, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, and IPython Notebook.

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