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    Learning Libuv for Fun and Profit (C)

    [Gomoku Github Repo]( What is the name of this project? ------------------ Gomoku What will it be used for? ------------------ Playing Gomoku (a variation of connect-5) and serving clients How many weeks are you already working on it? ------------------ 4 Which two main programming languages are you using? ------------------ C and Python Which packages, libraries and APIs are you using? ------------------ nCurses Is it a fun or commercial project? ------------------ Fun project, to get better at C and Python On which website can people test it and give feedback? ------------------ Download + Compile from Where do you need support? ------------------ Anything, jump right in! Are you looking for team members? ------------------ Not actively, but if you want to join in, go right ahead!

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    Ruwm - Window Manager Built in Rust

    Ruwm is a window manager written for, among other things, easy configuration, HiDPI monitors, and touch support. It's written totally using Rust, and the XCB Rust Library Bindings.

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