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How to Start Using is a live streaming platform that allows people to share code, exchange programming experiences, and socialize, all while improving their coding. If you would like to watch engineers aka streamers code live on, simply sign up for an account and start viewing immediately. Here’s how to get started with an account:

Step 1:

Click the SignUp button at the top righthand corner of the page.

Home page of

Step 2:

Sign up with a social account such as Facebook, or enter an email and a password then click the Sign Up button.

SignUp page on

Step 3:

You will then get a notification in your email to activate the account by clicking the link in your email. Afterwards you will be redirected to the sign in page.

Step 4:

Access your newly created account by entering your email and password then clicking Login.

Login page on

After signing in you will be redirected to your home page.

Browse page on

On the home page, you can watch videos, create playlists, setup notifications for streams you would like to watch, read and watch news of activities in the community, and even create your own channel for streaming.

That’s it. You are now a member of the community of a 150,000 users. You can now watch live streams of engineers coding and/or watch videos in the archive of all saved streams.

Fun Facts:

  • As a viewer, you can see Streamer’s details and even interact with them. You can get information on their current project(s) such as what coding language they’re currently working on, what might they be looking to get out of their particular project, and much more. You’ll even get an idea of what a streamer is into in general. This will give you a good idea of whether this streamer is someone you’ll want to watch again.
  • As a viewer, while watching Live streams, you can chat with the streamers as well as other fellow viewers. You can even ask questions and get feedback in real time. If you like a particular streamer or streamers, you can follow and donate to them. If you come across a streamer who streams from a “paid channel,” but you would really like to follow, simply subscribe for a monthly fee of $6.99.
  • As a viewer, you’ll always find videos or Live streams that will pique your interest. Everyone has different interests and strengths, so you’re sure to fit in no matter what you’re watching. Getting started with is as simple as that, so you can get right to the fun stuff.
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