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HTML-CSS 2,242

HTML (or Hypertext Markup Language) is a standard markup language designed to deliver elegant structured web pages and formatting content. It is easy to learn HTML/CSS with community, because we have all you need to improve HTML coding skills. Our guide is specially designed to handle any difficulty level of HTML and CSS, and our resources (live streaming channels and videos) will help to solve issues or inspire to start a project with us. In case that you need an HTML code advice for your current project, you can chat with other HTML programmers in our community and find quick solutions for your HTML code. Welcome, and start learning today! read more ...

3343 HTML-CSS videos for beginners

FrontEnd Development Certi. - FreeCodeCamp
by logan99

Going through the frontend development certification. Learning on the go.

Learn to build a Website [HTML/CSS/JS/PS]
by MarcTannous

Current Project type : Website
Current Project name: Logobox
Current Project description: I want to create a website that fills a niche, that is delivering fast,quality,affordable and hasslefree logos to start-ups. Since this is a personal project, I am streaming its entire creation from idea to launch.

Progress: Day 1( 30.06 ) - Set up our crafting environment, positioned c...

(RU/EN) Just doing my job. HTML,CSS,PHP,MODX
by solleo

What is the name of this project?


What will it be used for?

Website for commercial

How many weeks are you already working on it?


Which two main programming languages are you using?


Which packages, libraries and APIs are you using?


Is it a fun or commercial ...

Creating LoL Champion select screen
by XavorTM

Working on creating working HTML5 League of Legends client by my own design. Everything is purely fan made, Riot has no involvement nor it is related directly to it.

The assets i use are from the game and are publicly available, all of them have been downloaded from the site of the game.

About the stream:
The design was made about 8 months ago as afternoon side project ...

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