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C#-.NET 3,015

C# is defined as a general object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft for networking and web development purposes. Learning C# with a tutorials from community makes the whole process easy and fun. With a backup of our streamers and collection of C# videos for all difficulty levels, there is a great opportunity to develop your programming skills, welcome! read more ...

1922 C#-.NET videos for intermediates

C# Mobile FullStack - Xamarin & ASP.NET API
by khuongntrd

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Serenity Developer Guide
by volkanceylan

Nowadays i'm writing developer guide tutorials for my Serenity application platform.

[C# WPF]<13h stream> GitLab for Windows
by Ad-Master

Project Info

We (me and TheAifam5) are making GitLab for Windows project.
It will be something similiar to application GitHub for Windows, but to GitLab system.
It will also have own runner and connection to GitLab CI system.


I am streamin simultanesly to many services. When I stream games it's only Twitch and Hitbox, but when coding than livecod...

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