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Android 2,015

Android is an open-source mobile operating system currently developed by Google programmers. Learning Android and developing awesome mobile apps has never been easier with the help of the community. Watch the coding process and workflow Android devs use. This guide has been written to help on all difficulty levels, covered with livestreams of our programmers and a large collection of useful videos. Welcome! read more ...

2 Android videos for experts

Android Development (new App Idea)
by icemanx

What is the name of this project?

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What will it be used for?

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How many weeks are you already working on it?

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Which two main programming languages are you using?

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Which packages, libraries and APIs are you using?

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[Android] Terraria Clone: Fixing Lighting
by Jmrapp1


I have been working on this Terraria clone, now called TerraLegion, for over 60 hours now and have made great progress. Currently I am implementing the basic features of Terraria while keeping the game as optimized as possible to be able to run it efficiently on an Android device.

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