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Android 2,013

Android is an open-source mobile operating system currently developed by Google programmers. Learning Android and developing awesome mobile apps has never been easier with the help of the community. Watch the coding process and workflow Android devs use. This guide has been written to help on all difficulty levels, covered with livestreams of our programmers and a large collection of useful videos. Welcome! read more ...

310 Android videos for experts

Official Livecoding (LiveEdu) Android App
by SmartFox

I'm working on OFFICIAL Livecoding.TV Android App

Stream language : EN/RU - you write in any language convenient to you :)

Livecoding.TV Android App
by SmartFox

I'm working on Livecoding.TV Android App, making streaming app with Kotlin.

    <a href=Watch groups stats android app
by SmartFox

I'm working on group stats android application.

This application will be used by admins of the groups/public pages to make analytics of their audience :

Stream language : EN/RU - you can ask whatever language you want.

Planning android software
by jmalsoftware

I am grateful that I can use my love of programming to create something valuable; I love making the engines work and seeing the clients smile. I am in this industry because it is a thrill to use my creativity to serve others.

Some of my "sweet spots"​ are Android/Java/Cloud, Qt/C++, object oriented design, and agile (test-driven development, SOLID principles, etc). I am passionate ab...

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