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Ruby 1,007

Ruby is a reflective, dynamic, object-oriented and general purpose programming language. Learning Ruby coding with the help of Livecoding’s community enables you to stay at the top of your skill. Ruby tutorials and project videos are divided into three main difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate and expert). All this combined with daily livestreams provided from experienced programmers will take your Ruby coding skills to the next level. read more ...

82 Ruby videos for experts

Building a Rails app for managing students
by pinklily

Building a web app for online mentors to manage their students and courses.

Rails refactoring
by dogweather

I'm livecoding from Santa Cruz for the week with CareerFoundry, teaching Rails Web Development.

Welcome to my stream!

I'm an online mentor and freelance developer.

My latest project: The world's restaurant health scores. It's open-data, open-source, and cross-language. Yeah, that's a lot of buzz-words, but those are the goals!

Admin panel in 8 hours? Can I do it?
by johnhamelink


I need to finish of a project for a client - really it needs to be done for Monday morning. Can I do it in time? Let's find out!


Who am I?

My name is John Hamelink, I'm a professional developer from Glasgow, Scotland. I work as a consultant, sometimes for money, sometimes for equity, other times for both.

What do I stream?


Writing my own programming language

Writing a programming language reader (parser).

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