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Meteor.js 107

MeteorJS is a JavaScript framework for creating powerful web application that runs on cross-platform and integrates well with other libraries. Keeping up with MeteorJS is not easy, and that’s why we have created a dedicated page for it. Here, you can find every information about it, including books, projects, and even conferences. Our broadcasters will also keep you busy with all their project based streams, keeping you engaged for a long time! read more ...

104 Meteor.js videos for intermediates

MeteorJS / Healthcare App
by 5hort

Why this feed?

If you are expecting a tutorial with prepared lessons or a predefined script, please look elsewhere. I am primarily creating this feed as I am used to do pair coding where the activity is accompanied by a conversation.

Now that I'm working on my own, this has become a monologue, yet I prefer to think aloud so rather than just talking to myself, I decided to ...

Feathers JS and Codeanywhere
by 5hort

What is the purpose of this project?

I have recently started work on a healthcare project. I will in this stream share most of the coding work for this project. This project is done in MeteorJS.

What is your background?

I have started to look at Meteor about 6 months ago.
Prior to this I had a data focused non-web development background, as well as work as a b...

Developing MMO with Meteor.js (
by Zav39


Коммерческая браузерная многопользовательская космическая стратегия, направленная, в основном, на кооперативное PvE.

Разрабатывается с начала февраля 2014 года.

На текущий момент команда состоит из 4 человек:
— Я, Зеленин Александр (Организация процессов, разработка, тестирование, администрирование, тех. поддержка)
— PSMaster (гейм-дизайн, дизайн, ил...

Car Selling App with Meteor
by justrdk

Car Selling Web App

Started this car selling website with a friend about a month ago. It is still not ready for deploy but if you want to run it locally just clone the repository and run it as a normal meteor application. If you find any issues feel free to create one on the Github repository.

Programming Languages used:
Javascript (ES6) and HTML/Less


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