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Laravel is an open-source free PHP framework to build any web application. Improving your skills or learning Laravel with has many benefits. Watch Laravel engineers from San Francisco, London, New York, Copenhagen, Beijing and Sao Paolo write production-level code and compare coding processes and workflows. Start with Laravel tutorials on LCTV today! read more ...

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1336 Laravel videos for intermediates

Laravel 5.3 - Just Some CRUD :-)
by jacurtis

What is the name of this project?

This is for a property management company named "Mint" so we call it MintOS, which is basically a project manager and CMS system rolled into one.

What will it be used for?

To allow the company to manage properties, work orders, assign jobs to technicians, and handle customer payments.

How many weeks are you already workin...

eCommerce site using VueJS & Laravel
by NoelDavies

In these streams I'll be making an eCommerce site using Laravel and various packages.

Among the things we'll be using aside from Laravel include:

Modern Web Development with Laravel 5 & Vuejs
by carlweis

What is the name of this project?

Marketplace for buyer and sellers, similar to CraigsList.

What will it be used for?

New Startup

How many weeks are you already working on it?

1 month

Which two main programming languages are you using?

PHP7, Javascript

Which packages, libraries and APIs are you using?


Blog • Laravel + VueJs
by boudydegeer
What is the name of this project?

Not yet clear! Any ideas?

Where can I watch the videos

"Youtube channel"

What is this proyect about?

This is a simple blog written in Laravel, with a Admin Panel written in VueJS. Communication is going t...

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