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.NET 64

The .NET Framework is a comprehensive programming infrastructure for building desktop, mobile, and Web applications that run on Microsoft Windows. Learning and improving programming skills with dot net framework is easy with the help of the tutorials and resources. Our guide is created to support all coding difficulty levels, and with videos and live streaming channels, you’ll get insight into others coders’ projects and learn more tricks. Welcome! read more ...

65 .NET videos for beginners

Silkroad Online Emulator - C# / .NET 4.0
by Chernobyl

Silkroad Online (v188) emulator project (c#, .NET 4.0), MSSQL.
Building network engine from scratch.

.NET - Apply through 1000 jobs in 5 minutes
by jakeinmn

Hi guys. I do this full time. I code from home making these projects for you all. This is my life.

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