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Django 243

Django is a robust, complete, open-source Python web framework developed for rapid development and clean design. Whether you are looking to start a project in Django, or just need basic information to start learning, community has all you need. You can start with our Django tutorials and resources, then subscribe to Django livestreams and watch top Django videos created by experienced Django coders. You are welcome! read more ...

93 Django videos for intermediates

Python - Learning the Basics
by br4ve-trave1er

I recently got a job that requires Python 3 knowledge. Today I'll be reading through the free book Dive Into Python 3. The book can be found at I encourage you to read along with me.

Web Apps in Django + AngularJS
by tylersavery


Looking for some suggestions of what to code next. Got a few projects on the go which I'm building using Django + Angular. Open to cool web app ideas, teaching the basics, or making games.

I'm also available for hire at $30/hour.

Message me with any inquiries or suggestions!




My sublime theme is Seti.

django web dev( include server setting )
by ydwhoru

i'll make information provider

what kind of information?

it's all about..

so now i'm trying to make best modeling and way to save information.

give me advises

Let's try and learn Django!
by MaxTheMonster

What am I working on?

So I'm going to _try_ and learn Django!

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