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ASP.NET is a server-side Web application framework developed by Microsoft to allow coders to build web apps, dynamic web sites and web services. If you are interested to learn or improve your ASP.NET programming skills, Livecoding social community is the right place to start. Read ASP.NET guide, follow tutorials, subscribe to ASP.NET channels, discover ASP.NET videos or just ask our programmers to help if needed. read more ...

43 ASP.NET videos for intermediates

ASP.NET MVC CRM System w/ Android Client
by wilson208

Building a custom CRM style system that will consist of a web application and expose an API to an android application for in field sales-reps.

Key Areas Are:

  • Manage Sale Leads
  • Manage Sales
  • Manage Sale Documents (Have clients digitally sign contracts formed using a template (.DOCX) and sale information
  • Manage Production Workflow (Photography Sh...

Investors accounting website
by DoubleD

I am working on website that will be used for accounting investors and properties of an estate company.
While developing this solution I am trying to learn more about DDD and .net techniques and tricks, will be glad to listen to advice of any level on those topics.
Feel free to ask any questions!

Simple tweet sample
by reciosonny

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