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foamy125 64

Swiss army knife

United States

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Working on: Object Pools


I want to let my children, my programs, have some time out in the open air so they don't develop any sort of sun hating vamperic tendencies. I really want to show them off to the world, and if a few dollars comes my way as a result, likely you will find these doll hairs hanging on my wall behind me to serve as proof that my art was useful to another human being. I am just kidding, I like coffee and various other *programmer* drugs like... coffee... so, an expensive coffee.

I like ants, biologically inspired programming is incredible. Neural networks are also cool, genetic algorithms, AI stuff.


  • ants
  • ANTS
  • ANTS!!!
  • Everything
  • Moving dots
  • Nothing

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  • Self taught at My basement

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