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We shall get this out of the way. That thing they always say about lisp? Its all true. The people who write it are insane and potentially dangerous. I write lisp, I am not as sane as you would likely want me to be, but if there is a problem, I can solve it, and I will likely solve it better than that more sane individual you'd rather be talking to. If you really need something done, and you need it done well, anything you need is possible.

With that out of the way, I just want to let my children, my programs, have some time out in the open air so they don't develop any sort of sun hating vamperic tendencies. I really want to show them off to the world, and if a few dollars comes my way as a result, likely you will find these doll hairs hanging on my wall behind me to serve as proof that my art was useful to another human being. I am just kidding, I like coffee and various other *programmer* drugs like... coffee... so, an expensive coffee.

I like ants, biologically inspired programming is incredible. Neural networks are also cool, genetic algorithms, AI stuff.


  • ants
  • ANTS
  • ANTS!!!
  • Everything
  • Moving dots
  • Nothing

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  • Self taught at My basement

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