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Main Features on

On you will find livestreams, archived videos and playlists for over 200 categories including programming, game development, data analytics, design, VR & AR, AI, and cryptocurrencies. Each livestream is automatically archived as a video.


Here at LiveEdu, we have real-time live streams. All streams are automatically archived. Anyone, any time can watch free channels. You can utilize all the great features on these channels, like accessing a content creator’s source code, and seeing their social and professional accounts and websites. All streams have titles and descriptions that comprehensively explain what the project is about and the technology, programming category, framework or tools. You can also donate to content creators who you feel deserve it. You can embed any live stream, chat or video into your website or blog.

Live Chat

Learners interact with the content creators live via the live chat embedded in each channel. You can also post code or other valuable information into the chat. The live chat is meant for communication between learners and content creators.

Project Channel

Learners interact with the content creators live via the live chat embedded in each project channel. You can also post code or other valuable information into the chat. The live chat is meant for communication between learners and content creators.

Archived Projects and Videos

You can watch all videos and projects on LiveEdu platform. There is a choice to watch latest projects or videos, most popular and other options to choose from. Videos can also be downloaded.


Videos can be organized in an orderly manner so all users can better utilize the series of videos. An orderly series of videos based on topics or projects that concern them will make it easier for users to select a different playlist. With the new update, playlists are automatically created when a streamer starts working on a project.

Streaming Schedule

The streaming schedule is a good place to see all upcoming livestreams of broadcasts which are pre-announced. If a content creator enters stream information in the schedule, they are announced 1hr before the stream starts. A regular streaming schedule can help you express your skill better and improve your chances of landing a job.

HTML5 Streaming

HTML5 streaming on mobile and desktop has been part of since Feb 2016. You can watch all live streams, videos, and playlists in HTML5 on smartphone, tablets or desktop. By default, we try to utilize HTML5 for streaming purposes. If your browser has Adobe Flash enabled, then the broadcasts use Adobe Flash instead of HTML5. Disabling Adobe Flash can do the trick, and enable our website to render videos/broadcasts in HTML5.

Broadcasters --> Content Creators

As a content creator, you will have your own project channel to stream in real-time any project you’d like to share. You and your learners can view your live broadcasts at any later date as they would be available as videos.

With new project based channels coming up, videos will be archived to the project automatically.

With different technologies supported on, anyone can start their journey and set their own preferences for the project they are working on. On, you can stream on any technology including programming, game development, data analytics, design, VR & AR, AI, and cryptocurrencies. You can also opt to use any tool, framework or programming language to do the project. All you need to do is set the right technology, programming language or framework for the project.


The search feature is available for all pages, it is the main search engine, which can search throughout the website. Keywords inserted in this section will find related content throughout the whole website and then show you the results. The results will have all types of content such as videos, channels, schedule, playlists and users that will help you grow your skill and become job ready.

Category Content

You can access resourceful information about each of the 266 categories we have on The categories will cover programming, game development, data analytics, design, VR & AR, AI, and cryptocurrencies. You can view topics like books of different technologies according to your aptitude like beginner, intermediate or advanced. You can view individually all streamed content about a particular technology. Other information includes tutorials, guides, conferences worldwide you can follow, gurus of that technology with social account/website details and much more. By visiting the technology you prefer, you will get better at what you already do.

Free Account

The Free account has no kind of charges attached to it. You can watch real-time broadcasts, videos, as well as playlists to your heart’s content. There is a three hrs non-premium project view time and ten non-premium projects limitation on the free plan. You can also broadcast yourself to the audience of LiveEdu. However, your streamed content should be education. With the free account, you can only broadcast educational projects as it has no allowance for non-educational junk video storage. A free account cannot access premium and on-demand content on LiveEdu.

Pro Account

A Pro account has extended benefits over the free account if you upgrade from free account to a Pro account by paying $9.99 monthly subscription. You can choose between Single(9.99$/month), Triple($14.99/month) and All($19.99/month) packages. The Single package lets you watch premium projects from one topic. Similarly, Triple package lets you choose three topics and All topics lets you watch all premium projects. The storage for non-educational junk video storage allowance(GB) at month’s end for Single, Triple and All packages are 100, 150 and 200 GB respectively. Pro account subscribers can also download project files and watch videos in both high and low resolution.

The added benefits include not seeing any ads. You will have your own Pro badge with a wider range of Pro emoticons that you can use in chat. You can download 100 videos on your hard drive per month. Receive 24hrs customer support and 2x REST API calls limit. You can choose to have a team or a private channel. Where you can work with a group in team channel private. You will have unlimited video storage. Also, you can request premium live and on-demand projects twice per month.

User Profile

The aim of the profile page is to enable learners and content creators to showcase their skills, employment history, education, and awesome portfolio to peers and recruiters. Our aim is to provide the user a landing page for all their online and offline job opportunities. The job market is heating up, and the one with best showcase gets the chance. The profile page consists of the following main section: Summary, Skills, Employment History, Education, Languages spoken and Portfolio Projects. API

Find more details on the API.


You can send and receive private messages that you do not want to have on the public stream channel. You can also create group chats by adding users to an existing message chat.


Users on LiveEdu can follow a channel of a content creator to get channel notifications emails when the he goes live. In addition, you can also follow specific technology like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, etc. to get email notification when a stream in that category goes live. Furthermore, you can set Push Notifications on your user dashboard to get mobile and desktop push notifications.

Project Page

Project page has its own unique identity. They have their own URL and replaces the old channel pages that we had until now. The project page will help content creators to organize their project videos together. With the new project page, automated playlist is created without any intervention from the content creators. The project page can also be used as a portfolio by the content creator.

Tutorial Projects

Tutorial projects are projects where the content creators is in full teaching mode and includes a project overview and resources that learners can download for practice. These live project sessions are educational, interactive, and engaging, e.g. "How to create Flappy Bird on Android platform."

Download/Upload Project Files

Premium projects will have project files. The content creator who created the premium project can upload the project files for the learners. Learners can work on the project along side by downloading the project files to their computer.

Quality Content

To highlight quality content from the average and crappy content, three labels are used to visualize the quality of each content on LiveEdu - premium and free.

Premium content: Premium label is mainly assigned to live and on-demand tutorial projects that are of high quality. They are presented well by the content creator and are easy to follow by learners. LiveEdu content team will suggest to selected content creators, sample premium projects to stream or pick current projects on the site which are suitable for premium. Premium live, and on-demand projects are paid content, and the user needs a LiveEdu Pro subscription to access it. There will be a revenue share with content creators who create premium content.

Adaptive Bitrate streaming

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABS) is a technology that improves the entire livestreaming experience. For example, if a learner has a slower internet connection, ABS adjusts to the available bandwidth and streams at a lower quality by transcoding the original bitrate into lower bitrates, in this case, 1.5 mbps and 0.8 mbps. Currently, all content creators on our website can be streamed at 2mbps. Now, you can watch videos at 480p and 720p.

Video Upload

Video upload gives those who are shy to stream live or have a bad internet connection the option to record their content offline and upload it on LiveEdu. Video Upload is now a new way content creators can provide their content on LiveEdu. It also enables content creators to edit and polish their content before uploading it.

Project Requests

Requests is completely dedicated to project’s suggestions from our users. It doesn’t matter if you are a normal user or a PRO user, you can request "Premium Projects." We have also included a voting system so that it is easier for content creators to work on projects that are in demand by our audience.

Video Editor

The Video Editor is a tool you can use to load, split and render any of your videos. The tool can be used by content creators to make their videos more professional.

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