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Swift(OSX) Learning Audio Viz w/ Metal/OpenGL (part 3) - ObjC-Swift


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The member of the community dcunit3d is showing skills in ObjC-Swift by presenting how to Swift(OSX) Learning Audio Viz w/ Metal/OpenGL. If you are interested in more ObjC-Swift videos, you can check dcunit3d's channel, or continue your search on our main videos page here. To learn more about ObjC-Swift, you can visit our programming category page and start learning or improving coding skills here.

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NOTE: I'm not an expert at graphics, so you'll be seeing a lot of my learning process.

So i've been working on visualizing audio in Swift for some time. I've been looking into Metal and OpenGL, but I'm especially interested in trying Metal. However, it requires hardware. As in, XCode won't even recognize those libraries unless you're compiling on hardware.

I'm interested in learning OpenGL, but I'm actually moreso processing data, so Metal makes more sense to me for this task. I'm going to try to process the spectrograph data into a texture and render that.

New in OSX 10.11 El Capitan is the ability to use metal, so I'm going to try to rework what I'm doing to OSX. I'll be setting up an EZAudio plot, then setting up metal to render a spectrograph in real time.

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