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    Developing a Launcher

    Dakkra Streams ================== I love programming and have always been interested in multimedia. Thus, live streaming programming and related activities is a massive win and joy for me! About Dakkra ------------------ Name: Chris Soderquist Alias: Dakkra Web: []( "") Age: 17 Skills: Audio Engineering, Programming, and Mathematics About the program ------------------ dmenu is too simple and rofi isn't my cup of tea. Thus, I am writing my own menu launcher. Languages Known (Best to Worst) ------------------ 1. Java 2. C 3. JavaScript (ecmaScript) 4. C++ 5. DartLang 6. Kotlin 7. C# Languages I plan to study ------------------ - Python - Ruby - Haskell - Assembly - D Communication ------------------ Feel free to chat in the LCTV chat box or to send me a message on Skype or Discord! If I'm streaming with my microphone I may even accept VOIP calls Discord: Skype: DestinedGames (let me know who you are when you add me) Email:

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    Developing a wav Decoder

    Writing a wave decoder for use in Sonic Candle. This wave decoder is designed to be human readable and non-complex. The goal is to support 16, 24, and 32 bit RIFF PCM wave files.

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