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MESH | social collab - switching to postgres (part 52) - JavaScript


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The member of the community camwhite is showing skills in JavaScript by presenting how to MESH | social collab - switching to postgres. If you are interested in more JavaScript videos, you can check camwhite's channel, or continue your search on our main videos page here. To learn more about JavaScript, you can visit our programming category page and start learning or improving coding skills here.

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  • HTML-CSS Node.js Angular.js
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  • if(this.universe) { this.universe.push( );}else { return;}
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What is Mesh?

Mesh is a social collaboration platform. A place to build and learn with others that you know, or haven't met yet.

What does that mean?

Mesh aims to put three different tools at your disposal real-time communication, task management, and q&a forum. In combining these features with a social aspect, you can expand your circle of collaborators further than ever before.

Who is it for?

Mesh is for anyone that is over vanity likes and comments to help pass the time. Someone that wants to replace them with actually getting something done.

When can I use it?

Mesh is currently in early stage development and has no set launch date at this time. But you can try the demo right now, with an option to subscribe for early access to the alpha.

What technologies do we use?


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