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streaming tips

tips for streamers to build audience and get donations

  • Screen readability: Make sure the code on your screen in normal mode is fully readable
  • Complete stream profile: Interesting stream title, good stream description, user profile
  • Deliver a show: Your viewers are like customers who enter your shop, entertain them. Welcome them by their names
  • Viewer participation: Viewers like the product creation process more than the pure result. Ask your viewers for ideas Tell them to research online for details you need -- team members
  • Announce: Announce your streams on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Whatsapp, etc when you are live
  • Ask to Follow: Ask your viewers to follow you so they get email notification when you go live
  • Consistency: Stream regularly on a fixed day and time, e.g. daily 8pm
  • Streaming schedule: Add your streams for next 7 days into schedule and use offline splashscreen
  • Donations: Do raffles with users who participate in chat and give away stuff. Ask them for donations if they like your work
  • Prepare: Think about which products you want to show on and break down your demo into multiple well structured sessions: max 2hrs/session
  • Relax: Take it all easy. Make jokes and have fun too - even if you make mistakes or your code breaks. Having fun is important!

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