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broadcaster guide

Streaming on is really easy, and we created this quick guide to get you streaming in 5 minutes. By the end of the guide, you will be able to stream your project which can be related to data science, design, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. You can stream any project you like!

Your internet connection needs to have a minimum of 1.5Mbps upload speed. You can check your internet speed on

getting started

  • Signup on
  • Head to your Dashboard, and click on the Channel Settings tab, where you will find your streaming url and key
  • Follow the next steps below to start streaming

open broadcaster software

We recommend using Open Broadcaster Software. In order to help you get set up correctly with OBS, we have provided a walk through guides for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you are experienced with streaming, feel free to use any broadcasting software you prefer.

For some tips on how to acquire viewers and keep them happy, head over to our streaming tips

screen readability

Finally, screen readability and audio clarity is important to ensure the best experience for your viewers. Follow these tips when streaming:

  • Use dark background color and colorful text.
  • Font size at least 14pt
  • Use only sans-serif such as Arial, Calibri, Tahoma or Verdana.
  • Keep the aspect ratio of video. If the video on a stream is 16:9 to avoid image stretching
  • Don't use italic or bold formatting.
  • For layout, use landscape not portrait on your IDE
  • Desktop at 100% resolution

tips for streamers to build audience and get donations

  • Screen readability: Make sure the code on your screen in normal mode is fully readable
  • Complete stream profile: Interesting stream title, good stream description, user profile
  • Deliver a show: Your viewers are like customers who enter your shop, entertain them. Welcome them by their names
  • Embed Stream in your blog: Embed your livestream, chat and videos into your blog.
  • Announce: Announce your streams on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Whatsapp, etc when you are live
  • Ask to Follow: Ask your viewers to follow you so they get email notification when you go live
  • Consistency: Stream regularly on a fixed day and time, e.g. daily 8pm
  • Streaming schedule: Add your streams for next 7 days into schedule and use offline splashscreen
  • Donations: Get donations directly. Add your Paypal address under "My Account" on the dashboard.
  • Prepare: Think about which products you want to show on and break down your demo into multiple well structured sessions: max 2hrs/session
  • Relax: Take it all easy. Make jokes and have fun too - even if you make mistakes or your code breaks. Having fun is important!

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