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Hey, Thanks for stopping by. I hope I can teach and inspire you. Happy Coding!

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Working on logo designs

=== ABOUT ===
Hi, I am Katherine a Front-end Developer from the US. I am 90% self taught starting coding 30 years ago. Last year I went to a code school to get myself into the 21st century and get over some coding fears and push myself. So glad I did.
I have been teaching older adults computer skills for 20 years, and now teach kids and women basic coding skills.

=== STREAMS ===
I have 2 profiles I will be coding as:

  • DevChats - educational learning stream
  • WebCodeChick - coding as myself working on personal projects

=== FOLLOW ===
Since I have not set a schedule, yet please hit that follow button.

=== DONATE ===
If you like what you see, please donate. All moneys go to teaching women in my local community. I offer classes to women at night after work and offer food while they learn and it comes out of my pocket. Support women learning code to better their self esteem and get better jobs. Thanks.

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