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Our users are professionals and students who work in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Berlin, Beijing and Sao Palo. We have ca.1.5m monthly visits

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    Sponsored Channel

    • Broadcasters do Q&A in the community and also archive all sessions into a video. The videos are organized into a playlist and can be downloaded.
    • The whole code is pushed to a Github repo and anybody can fork the code and use it
    • Building an app with your product
    • At least 20hrs/week
    • We feature the products they build in the weekly newsletter
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    Sponsored Newsletter

    • Book whole newsletter exclusively + blog article
    • You can buy space on top, middle and in bottom of the newsletter
    • Opportunity to display your product weekly for 200,000 engineers all over the world
    • Open rate is 30%
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    Display ads.

    • Opportunity to display your product for 200,000 engineers all over the world
    • Most popular display ad formats available
    • Variable pricing
    • Possibility to run campaigns
    • Easy to book
    • Served on every platform
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    Video ads.

    • Most popular video ad formats available
    • Possibility to run campaigns
    • Pre, mid and post roll
    • Non skippable
    • Easy to book
    • Served on every platform
  • 1,500,000 Monthly visits
  • 350,000 Hours streamed
  • 200,000 Video content
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